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Bit about me, I live in New Zealand, born in 71, so must make me about 37 from memory. I now work at home as a graphic designer and as you know, maintain my hobby website,

I started this website in December 2005 as I had a few mates who were into cartoons a bit and would email me funnies from time to time so knew that there was an interest then for online humour. I checked out the internet for websites that display cartoons and could not find many that display them all on one page so I started contacting cartoonists and with their permission I gathered a selection of daily changing cartoons and comic strips from around the web to display them on one page.

With lots of promotion the website grew from a few pages to what it is today and has under gone a few layout and design changes. I still occassionally contact cartoonists whose work I enjoy, to see if they would like the opportunity for me to promote there creations but lately it is mainly the cartoonists who now approach me to help promote their work.

I have put lots of hours into search engine optimization to get to the top of the results for certain keywords. I am always improving it so have now worked my way up to display on the first page of Google for dozens of keywords including these very popular search terms 'comic strips cartoons', 'funny cartoon strips', 'funny cartoon', 'funny cartoons', 'clean funny comics', 'funny strips', 'funny comic strips', 'funny comic strip', etc, etc. Depending on the search term and the country, I can range from number 1 position to position 6 so my cartoonists can be assured that they will get great exposure.

I do spend too much time on the computer so am trying to get outside more like I use to. My hobbies include fishing, motorbikes, hot rods, hunting, surfing, summer holidays, playing with my kids, computers, art and all kinds of out doors and water activities.

Just sold my 1960's Malibu surfboard as it was gathering dust and have put the money towards a new fishing hobby. Just started fresh water fishing late last year when a mate invited me for a day's outing while our partners were doing the around Lake Taupo bike ride with another 12,000 people and that was when I ended up catching and releasing a 4.5 pound rainbow trout. Great fun! We kept 2 brown trout and cooked one for dinner that night after the girls came back from their long ride. The New Zealand bush, rivers and beaches are beautiful so if you like the outdoors and don't live here, don't miss the chance to check it out when planning an overseas trip. Tons of adventure to be had!

Kind regards,
Ian Brayshaw from

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