There are a lot of changes that come with childbirth and pregnancy. The changes that affect your body quickly come. Your body often has difficulty familiarizing with that change.  

Your body undergoes a lot of development and changes during pregnancy. This is to accommodate the child inside. The increase in weight and postural changes are obvious. However, other developments might be more minor such as the position of the developing fetus and hormonal softening of ligaments. Fortunately, an osteopath in Burnley can help. 

Pregnancy and Osteopathy 

The idea of osteopathy is that function and structure are interdependent and interrelated. The treatments are directed to normalize the structure so that it works well. During pregnancy, treatments aren’t different. They aim to help the natural process of birth and pregnancy by helping the body to familiarize and align as the pregnancy progresses. Osteopathic treatments do this by utilizing efficient and safe methods while ensuring the mother is at ease at all times.  

A variety of aspects affects the descent of the fetus through the pelvis during birth. The pelvis of the mother might be rigid or twisted. This can affect the passage of the baby through the birth canal. Osteopathic treatment can aid in aligning the body so that the lower back and pelvis mechanics are in the ideal possible place they could be and with as little restriction or tension as possible.  

Osteopathic treatment will optimize the ability of your body to support and adapt to you and your child with minimum discomfort and pain. 

Is It Safe? 

Osteopathy is gentle and safe for both the baby and the mother. The methods utilized during pregnancy are chosen carefully to lower any dangers. These methods are gentle and the mother’s comfort is always considered and might be changed to fit every patient.  

A couple of therapists utilize specifically made pregnancy cushions if they require the mother to lie on her front for particular methods. Pregnant mothers can tell the therapist how at ease they are in a particular position. Regardless of size, an osteopath can accommodate any mother.  

Treatments to help your body adapt to the changes are primarily gentle pressure point massage and gentle moving and rocking methods. If you can’t lie on your back anymore, there are a lot of other positions that can help you.  

Can It Help After Childbirth? 

A mother could have a huge variety of problems postnatal. This depends on the form of labor experienced. Osteopathic treatment can help to maintain and restore normal pelvic mobility and alignment. Because of this, it can get rid of any discomfort and pain they might be feeling. If you’ve got unresolved postnatal stresses from labor, it can contribute to difficulties with bowel issues, stress incontinence, menstruation, and much more, aside from ongoing back issues. 

Osteopathic care can also help with pains and aches linked with carrying your child, lifting prams and car capsules, bending over the cot, and poor breast-feeding posture.  

To make things simple, postnatal treatment can help with long-term preventative care. This enables you to enjoy and relax.