Cartooning Lessons

Below are video lessons showing drawing techniques that you might find helpful when developing your cartoon drawing skills.

Click on each title and the video will open in a new window. Each video title that you have viewed will turn purple so that you know which ones you have seen. Check back often as this sourced video list is automatically updated as new ones appear on the internet.

How To Draw A Face


Sketching a Face

Video showing how to draw basic proportions of the face, from start to finish.

Drawing differences of a male and female face

Side-by-side comparison of some of the differences when drawing males compared to females. The presentation is a bit weird and awkward, but it's a good way to show the differences. Included is a colouring portion to show some of the concerns that need to be taken into account when colouring also.

Drawing differences of a male and female face

Heres a helpful lesson on how to draw the profile of a mans face.

How to Draw Eyes

Video shows how to draw eyes beginning with the triangular shape of the eye socket, placement of the eyeball within the eye socket, followed by the iris, pupil, eyelid, then details.



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