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Black Snow is the story of a failing Detroit super hero and his group of misfit friends, who inadvertently find themselves caught up in an evil crime lord's plot to rule the city. The central figure, Black Snow, is a chain smoking alcoholic super hero wannabe who has a huge variety of super powers, but can't control any of them. He is surrounded by a large ensemble cast of friends, family, rivals, enemies and plain old acquaintances who make up the inhabitants of the Motor City. Part comedy, part drama, with a dash of action, a hint of mystery and even a splash of romance, this story has something for everyone. Will Black Snow ever succeed and rise up to be the true hero he original set out to become, or will he continue to flounder until self destructing? Only time will tell!

Biography of Michael Balistreri
Here are some interesting fun facts about me. I once met and helped interview President Obama. I used to work at Google/YouTube. I was the Donkey Kong champion at Google. I broke my leg white water rafting, for my birthday! My favorite movie is Goodfellas. My favorite song is Carry On my Wayward Son by Kansas. It's also my ring tone. I met my wife and my best friend when I was only 12. I've both alligator and crocodile. I keep and breed geckos. I'm a Jr. I love decorating for Halloween. I'm a big fan of Disney parks. I fell out of a tree face first and chipped both my front teeth, which are now bonded. I've appeared in a rap music video and worked with artists like Too Short and E40. While at Arlington cemetery I tripped and almost landed on President Kennedy's eternal flame. I've been drawn as a Simpson's character by one of the animators from the show. I have a crooked right foot. Most astonishing of all, everything I've just said is true! And that's only scratching the surface.

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