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Daily Cat Comic Strip featuring The Mows

Jay Dyke's comic The Mows (which rhymes with "cows" btw), has been published online since 2003. The strip is based on his first trilogy of cats, a litter of two brothers and a sister. The setting is some yesteryear in Bayville, NY, where these three cats first got to know the outside world.

The comic mostly explores their relationship with each other, and their comprehension of things they'll never really comprehend, like where trees come from, or what a cloud is. And like our own pets, the characters in this comic strip can not talk to their owners, and know nothing of our pop-culture. To date, over 1300 comics have been created, with about 800 online. Jay uses Adobe Flash to arrange, write, and publish the comics (he say's he can't really say "draw" anymore since the vector artwork for the characters has been in the can for years now)

Check out his website to view more Mows comic strips.

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