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Asteroids Revenge 3 Game In the game you are an asteroid. Humans are trying to destroy you and all of your asteroid friends! Can you save yourself and all of asteroid-kind? Move your asteroid with the mouse, you'll learn the rest of the controls in-game as you need them.

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Special Instructions :
You'll start off moving very slowly. The first thing you'll want to do is choose speed power-ups at the end of each level until you can move at a reasonable speed. We recommend getting up to at least level 5 speed before even considering any other types of power-ups.

There are many different ways that you can power-up your asteroid. You'll want to experiment to find the way that best suits your playing style. My favorite upgrade strategy is to get speed up to level 5 or 6, then choose all armor for the rest of the game, possibly throwing in a GROW every now and then if you get too small. I almost never choose ally upgrades because you can find plenty of ally power-ups within the levels. Remember, this is just the way that I like to play. There are many other strategies that might work as well or better, depending on your playing style.

Once you have a good number of ally asteroids built up, you can control how close they are to you with the mouse scroll wheel (or X and Z keys). Keep allies in close to act as a shield for your main asteroid when you're taking heavy fire. Spread them out to do more damage to enemies when your main asteroid is in a safe spot.

When you destroy ships with your main asteroid you'll grow larger and gain life points. When your allies destroy ships you won't gain any life points. You'll gain more life if you leave your allies behind and take out ships yourself. This is especially important in the easier early levels in the game. Kill as many ships as you can with your main asteroid so you build up as much life as possible for the harder levels. Once you're in the harder levels, use your allies, yourself, whatever works! Just try to survive!

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