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Tetris Game Image In this Donkey Kong arcade game, the player's character, Mario must jump over barrels thrown by Donkey Kong while climbing ladders up a crooked construction site to reach the top of the screen to rescue his girlfriend Pauline.
Please note that this game has only one level. If you can find the full version of this very old game, please let me know.

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Special Instructions :
Space Bar to jump
Use your left/right arrow keys to move from left to right
To climb ladders use your Up arrow

Game Information:
Donkey Kong was first released in the arcades, but was ported to home video game consoles and home computers. The game was also sold as a Game & Watch unit in 1982. The game was quite revolutionary for its time, featuring multiple, distinct levels, large colorful graphics, and a unique form of play control, and is notable for being one of the first games to feature a basic plot. Please note that this game version has only one level.

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