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Tetris Game Image In this Donkey Kong arcade game, the player's character, Mario must jump over barrels thrown by Donkey Kong while climbing ladders up a crooked construction site to reach the top of the screen to rescue his girlfriend Pauline.
Please note that this game has only one level. If you can find the full version of this very old game, please let me know.

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Special Instructions :
Space Bar to jump
Use your left/right arrow keys to move from left to right
To climb ladders use your Up arrow

Game Information:
Donkey Kong was first released in the arcades, but was ported to home video game consoles and home computers. The game was also sold as a Game & Watch unit in 1982. The game was quite revolutionary for its time, featuring multiple, distinct levels, large colorful graphics, and a unique form of play control, and is notable for being one of the first games to feature a basic plot. Please note that this game version has only one level.

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Donkey Kong Game
Tyler 2006-11-07 15:22:40

really cool
Frank 2007-01-03 06:40:49

Sadly this is the same incomplete version that every other semiassed
flash game site offers pretending to be the full version with progressive
levels. Its a cryin' shame.
Anonymous 2008-09-17 17:56:04

this is the coolist game on the site

AZREEL 2007-06-14 20:17:29

It's a real dashing game
It's a cool game
who r u
rashvinkr 2007-10-22 23:50:04

who r u mister
dong kinkon
josue 2007-06-21 15:25:20

Donk Konk
Stevio 2007-10-09 04:20:46

It is a real shame that we can only get the first level of this top game! Is it
available anywhere for free, and if i have to buy it - where from??
RASHVINKR 2007-10-22 23:39:16

Stefan 2007-11-16 15:02:41

This game is mad
Stefan 2007-11-16 15:04:40

This game rules
cha ching 2008-03-18 07:14:33

this is the most coolest game ever brother fox it rocked so much i love it to
bits ya know it .................... .......not im being sarcastic .l0l.

Anonymous 2008-05-15 08:37:48

this is not the full version >.> where can I play it?!?

Answer: Sorry, I'm not sure. I have searched for full version without
success so if anyone knows where it is, feel free to let me know
ghstsfg 2008-04-06 19:52:16

how do i jump?
Answer, the instructions are above the game, you use the
spacebar to jump, thanks
Donkey Kong
Anna 2008-04-19 10:46:15

this game is so freaking slow!!!!!! it's seriously stupid no offence to
Cyaneyed 2008-04-19 10:42:31

This is just level one. If you pass it, it repeats. In the actual game there are
three levels, which are then repeated at higher difficulties.
Answe r: Yes,
thanks for your comment. I have searched for the full game with no success. Let
me know if you find this very old game
gunner 2009-08-10 12:33:03

actually there are 4 levels
unknow 2008-05-15 08:35:01

u never get to pass level 1 when u do get the girl u repeat it that makes some

ANSWER: Me too, would be good to find the game with more levels
Moks 2008-06-11 23:18:46

There is some good games
Anonymous 2008-09-17 17:56:30

some super game
Anonymous 2008-10-26 15:58:31

it's hard and fun
Kong Fu
Spencer 2009-02-11 11:40:30

I love it!!! Someone PLEASE create a version with all the levels!
lil'Queen 2009-02-22 02:16:20

it is quite boring!!!! fums down!!!!
da bomb digity 2009-04-07 07:43:23

theres this thing called a life... GET ONE!!!!!! this game is pointless
Dude 2009-06-07 02:19:44

It seems that if you right click the game and press play it takes you to a
different level that you can play.
very hard
Crazed gamer 2009-11-25 03:13:01

this game is so hard.......i sit here and i cant get past the first lev

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