Advantages of Your Concrete Driveways

The driveways that guests see in our property contributes to their first impression of the overall aesthetics of our property. When they enter the gate, the first thing they will be able to experience on the entrance is the driveway, so there is no wonder about its significance to the house’s overall appearance.  

Driveways in Lancashire are among the most beautiful and functional one can witness and experience, as they are built and maintained by some of the most trusted companies that deliver the best quality services in installing driveways.  

There are different materials you can choose when for your driveways, but a concrete driveway is a good material to start as it has more advantages compared to other materials.  

The following are the advantages of a concrete driveway: 

1. It gives beauty and curb appeal 

Concrete is among the most versatile material you can use for your driveway as you can put color on it, or provide some patterns. In fact, concrete has been used on different roads and pavements and it has been proven durable and effective in providing a smooth pathway for wheels.  

You can do many things by putting on your favorite patterns and colors on your concrete driveways, providing more options for you to make your house more attractive. 

2. It is durable 

The asphalt counterpart effectively absorbs the sun’s heat while the concrete reflects it. Although this feature of asphalt is beneficial during winter time, the concrete is more beneficial during sunny days. They reflect the sun’s heat resulting in a cooler surface. Aside from this, a concrete driveway will not demand more lighting as what the asphalt does.  

3. The maintenance is cheaper 

Asphalt needs a regular maintenance, and although the concrete driveway can also be as demanding as the asphalt when it comes to maintenance, the concrete when used with penetrating sealers and contraction joints, can be so durable and strong that it would take several years before it deteriorates.  

On average, concrete driveways last longer, about 50-60 percent longer than the asphalt. When you consider the costs of the maintenance or replacement, you will see that concrete will save you more dollars than its other counterparts.  

4. It is more friendly to the environment  

Because of the concrete does not need to be replaced regularly as it lasts longer, the energy requires for the producing and placing the concrete decreases. Also, asphalt needs 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit, and a lot of petroleum products.  

5.The features of the concrete surface 

The asphalt, when newly installed, gives off evaporative oils that can get on the soles of your shoes. Also, when a corrosive or oily substance gets on the asphalt surface, it can potentially get on your vehicle’s wheel or your shoes.  

Final thoughts 

Obviously, each driveway material has its pros and cons, even the concrete itself. However, the concrete driveway has more benefits than drawbacks. It is versatile, cheap, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. When it comes to maintenance, a concrete driveway is a better choice than the other counterparts.